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 Gabe Ruediger (wow)

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Undisputed Champ!
Undisputed Champ!

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PostSubject: Gabe Ruediger (wow)   Gabe Ruediger  (wow) Icon_minitimeSun 23 Dec 2007, 3:16 am

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Gabe Ruediger

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello Gabe I would like to thank you for taking the time to do the 5 question email interview with MMA Boston! Hope this clears up some things for everyone! I would also like to add Andy from MMA Boston just did an interview with Marlon Sims who had some things to say about Gabe so we felt it fair to give Gabe the opportunity to respond!

1. Your last fight was against George Kassimatis on 8/30/07 at an event called Ringside Ticket. You won that fight by submission in the first round when will you be fighting again?
I was supposed to fight on Oct20th, made weight (yes, I did in fact make weight) and the show was cancelled by the Commission two hours before the event. It looks like Im heading down to Mexico city next week (11/16) to fight in an event where over 40,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

2. Have you had any talks with any of the larger organizations as far as a contract goes? And do you have a preference?
Ive had talks with all the major organizations. EliteXC. Strikeforce, HDFights, K1, and many others. It just comes down to finding the right contract with the right promotion. No preference, I just want it to be beneficial for both parties. Im pretty sure Ill have my home in place by 08!

3. On TUF 5 you were portrayed in negative light when you were unable to make weight. You and I have had an email conversation about this in the past, Tell us about the editing of the show and the real story!
Well, my biggest issue with the editing was the "ice cream cake incident". I DID NOT EAT THAT THE DAY BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE WEIGHT. From my recollection that was two weeks before hand and other members of the cast thought it was one, but either way it was a bad representation of how I cut weight and how hard the process is. I have had 14 professional bouts, countless amateur bouts, and even more grappling bouts. That is the FIRST TIME I have never not made weight. On top of that, I didn't just quit; I passed out while trying to make the weight.

4. OK as far as the K-1 Dynamite show in LA goes there were all kinds of rumors about why you were not granted a license to fight for that card! It is my understanding that the CSAC did not have sufficient time to review your medical information, and could not issue a license! Is that the case and are you know cleared to fight?
How is that your understanding? From what you have read on the Internet or do you know my manager or members of the Ca athletic Commission? I really don't want to get into it, but its safe to say I have my license and the commission had no real reason for not giving me my license when I was scheduled to fight in K1.

5. OK so MMA Boston just did a 5 question email interview with Marlon Sims who had a lot to say about you. I feel it only fair to give you a chance to respond to what this man has said about you!
First off, "developed a HUGE dislike for Gabe Reudiger" You developed your opinion of me from a TV show? And my last name is spelled RUEDIGER. Now where to start with Mr. Sims? I think biggest joke ever would sum it up, but Ill delve deeper. One week before the show a good friend of mine was in Florida training. He calls me up and says "Hey, there is this guy down here named Marlon who says he is on the show with you" Okay I reply and allow my friend to continue. " The guy is a complete bullshit artist and never shuts his mouth. If you get the chance, please shut it for him" Now, I am not a person to just listen(or see) something and pass judgment. I like to actually see for myself, so when I met Marlon, I didn't take what my friend said as anything else but talk, and then Marlon opened up his bullshit trough, his mouth. " Ive never been knocked out, I got hit by a car, the car was destroyed and I walked 3miles to the hospital" "if Matt Lindland was 155lbs, there is no way he could take me down" "Ive got a black belt in jiu jitsu, and have been grappling over 12yrs" On and on it ran, like a broken faucet. Mind you, that's THE FIRST DAY. It went on and on and on and on and onů. Well, he fought and gets DROPPED by a guy who is not known for having striking ability or heavy hands. He then fights in the house and gets a LIFETIME ban from the UFC. Now he is fighting in San Francisco in front of how many of his fans? LOL! Listen, I lived in the bay area for almost 5 years and the only thing anyone says about that guy is 1. "that guy? I didn't even know who he was until the show" or 2 "that guy? Grade A douche bag who is a compulsive liar". Ill go with 2. He is fighting Pat Minahan and will get destroyed! Pat is a legit fighter and doesn't have a need to build up his resume to hide his low self-esteem. IF(and that is a huge IF) he beats Pat, I would have no problem fighting him. One more before I finish. I asked Frank Shamrock about Marlon ( Marlon is supposed to be on Franks team and managed by him) when he came to train at Quest. Frank said, yes he did know Marlon and that he did train with him at one point, but then he says "yeah, the best thing about that guy, he would get knocked out at every practice and then tell me "No Frank, Im fine, I was just taking a rest!" I have a feeling Marlon is going to be taking a LONG REST when he fights Pat!

Ok that is it for now thanks for doing the interview and good luck in your future fights!

Check out WWW.GABEGODZILLA.COM for my info


Ok so there is a second part to the interview both Gabe and Marlon went back and forth verbal jawing at each other! The following is their messages in the original post of the interview!


Posted by "Mr. Indestructible" Marlon Sims on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 3:54 AM

This fuckin' Deuch-Bag calls me a liar? If you belive Gabe "Fat Tits" Reudiger (or however you spell his name, I give a shit less) about everything do me a favor. Go to Team Shamrock or Frank Shamrocks home-page and see the members of Team Shamrock. You will see me on both. You can get to those myspace accounts through my page, they are on my top friends list. He sais I "once trained with Frank". Truth is he's my manager for another 3 years on a 5 year contract.

When Frank came back from training with Dan Henderson down at Quest he was seriously injured. His rite knee was completely torn apart. Now when I asked Frank about Gabes' comment of what Frank said, his response was "who the fuck is Gab Rudeniger?" I said "you know the guy I was on the show with who couldn't make weight cause' he was such a fat-tit loser". Frank had no clue who this guy was.

As for Minihan. After I beat the shit out of him I'd like to see what "Fat tits" has to say. He already owes me $1200.00 from bet's he lost to me on the show so I know he won't bet me on the fight. Gabe is a spineless jack-ass who re-nigs on bets and tells you people lies. Go to Team Shamrocks home page and see if I know Frank Shamrock. As they say, "the truth will set you free". Eat that Gabe, or are you still stuffing your face with Cake?!


Posted by gabriel on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 4:00 PM

LOL! Poor, poor Marlon. Im sorry if part of my interview sounded like you dont train with Frank. At the time of Frank coming to train with us, you were NOT training with him, but living in florida. Is that not true? I could care less who you train with, it was the fact, YOU GET KNOCKED OUT IN EVERY TRAINING SESSION that I was refering to. Now, how come you didnt get all upset about that?!

$1200?! WOW, your skills at embellishing are much better than your fighting skills. Go back to working on your street fighting credentials, instead of getting beat up in front of your 6 fans.

Its funny, he reads one thing out of context and gets heated about it, but doesnt once refer to his constant lies. Im sure in Marlon's world, getting put to sleep was a victory, and no one knowing who he is in the bay area makes him a celebrity. Keep smoking the pipe my man, keep smoking the pipe


Posted by "Mr. Indestructible" Marlon Sims on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 5:04 PM

Gabe, correct me if I'm wrong. Did you or did you not get choked out by Monstah Lobstah on national t.v. in one of you training sessions with team Penn? As I and the rest of the nation recall, it was a guillotine choke that put you out. Now Alan is a BLUE BELT and you are a what, BROWN or BLACK BELT?! You can't deny this cause' it was documented on t.v. Your team-mates couldn't stop talking about how great it was seeing you go out to the choke.

I'm not saying I've never been put out in training. Frank Shamrock is possibly the greatest fighter alive and I have no problems with getting beat by him consistantly. I enjoy it as a matter of fact. It let's me know I'm alive.

As far as the money you owe me? Your friends here in the city have already backed up my streetfighting stories on MMA.TV and you know the cinnamon bet, so don't play stupid. Joe Lauzon in Boston has already backed me up there. So just come clean and admit your an untrustworthy guy who doesn't own up to his OWN BULLSHIT! You will feel much better about yourself when you do so.

After I beat Minihan, whom you say is a legit fighter, you have to do me the honer of letting me fight you. You can be as big (fat) as you want. We can fight at a catch weight of 180-200-210 lbs. whatever you feel most comfortable at. Then we can squash all this crap and say once and for all who is who's daddy. Sound good?


That is the last post if there are any further postings by either of the two i will be sure to post it here as well as my myspace!

By Joedaddy!
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Gabe Ruediger (wow)
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