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 Marlon Sims

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Undisputed Champ!
Undisputed Champ!

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PostSubject: Marlon Sims   Sun 23 Dec 2007, 3:05 am

Marlon SimsSaturday, November 03, 2007
Hey Andy. Really sorry man. I am all settled in Downtown San Francisco and Life is back to normal (normal for me anyway). I know it's been a while, but better late than never. After the 25 hardest hitting moments in T.U.F. came out and I was 5, I was inspired to get on this. O.K. here goes.

1. Alright Marlon, first of all what did you think of your time spent in the TUF house and would you do it again if given the chance?
MARLON- Time spent in the house was a lesson in patience and the greatest test of willpower a man cutting 30 lbs. of solid muscle could possibly endure (I passed on one, failed on another). I could have to eat whatever I wished for, but could eat only one solid meal a day, and have no fat and very little calories. I hated 155, and will never do it again (unless I got the chance to fight Noah Thomas or Gabe "Fat Tits" Rudiger at a catch weight above 155). As for doing it again.......only if you paid me incredible amounts of money and offered me a contract more than the chicken feed they were offering me....then I'd think about it.

2. Your fight with Noah Thomas in the backyard was probably the best action of the whole show, how bad did you wanna fight Thomas again at the TUF finale?
MARLON- Andy I gotta tell ya'........I was training to kill Hercules I wanted Noah so bad. When Joe Silva called me up 7 days before the finale and told me Dana and the Fertitta bros canceled the fight I was in the best shape of my life, and ready to cancel Noah's last decire to ever step into a cage for the rest of his life. You, and everyone else in the Country saw what a drunk Marlon could do....this fight would of been hard for some to watch. I was more depressed after Joe's phone call for the fact that I wasn't going to get to pound the litteral shit out of Noah than the fact I wasn't going to get a U.F.C. contract.

3. I love your attacking fight style and your striking is very explosive but how much time do you spend on your ground game and who helps you with that?
MARLON- Well I know they didn't like to talk about it or say his name but Frank Shamrock is my manager and I am a Shamrock Submission Fighter specializing in Thai-Boxing and Grecco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling. We have an amazing Judo coach (Deuce what's up!) as well as world class wrestlers at the academy (Brian Ebersole, Jeff Quinlin, Big Bill, fuckin' a Frank Shamrock!) I spend alot of time wrestling...but I spend alot of time doing technique and cardio and bodybuilding and plyometrics and pad training and heavy bag.....pretty much everything! I like to stay very well balanced. Balance, position, submission....I know that's the motto for submission fighting, but I say "let's knock em the fuck out!!

4. Well I admit to being sucked in by reality television and developed a HUGE dislike for Gabe "Roto" Reudiger, tell me what happens in a fight between "Roto" Reudiger and Mr. Indestructible?
MARLON- "Fat Tits" would try to stand up with me to prove a point that I'm not really a Thai-Boxer and his striking skill, although not his strong point, is greater than mine. Once I land my first leg kick fallowing a crisp straight rite, left hook combo on the setup, he shoots. I sprawl of his feeble single leg atempt (I think his belly get's in the way) and with my double underhooks of the sprawl, I turtle him. He thinks this is a good postion cause he's guarded me but quickly feels uncomfortable as I pick him up and rush him headlong into the cage. He goes for a sweep by curling his rite arm under my left knee (which I gave him on purpose) and I quickly trap his arm behing my knee (my specialty). He is now pinned in side mount with his rite arm trapped and my full weight from my hips pushing down on his body so he can't get any leverage to push off the cage.........Now let the beating's begin!! Elbows and stiff straight punches to the head and body. When he covers his face I slam his midsection with knees and he crumples. Tapout due to strikes 2 and 1/2 minutes in the first.
I average 3 and 1/2 with most of the other guys and some of the Jujitsu bad-asses and even some of our better wrestlers, but they are all big men. I gave "Fat Tits" less time for his smaller, softer frame.

5. Alright final question, what is next for you and what orginization will you be fighting for? Are you under contract right now?
MARLON- Well at the moment I am training for my next fight which is the "Gladiator Challenge" Welterweight Title on ..h. I am the main event at Kezar Pavillion in my own city of San Francisco! The event is actually only 8 blocks from my home! I'm very excited. My opponent is Pat the "Puppet" Minihan from American Kickboxing Academy. It's no secret over on the West Side we don't like each other. He talked a buch of crap about me when I got off the show, and I didn't even know who he was. All of a sudden there was this guy sending me e-mails of what a loser Marlon Sims is, and how he could so much better than me. So I got a call from my last fight promoter saying he could put the fight together and made it happen. I'm stoked I get to mess him up in front of 6,000 of my closest friends and fans. I couldn't be happier. They had to do the photo shoot with us at seperate locations cause' they were scared I was going to beat his ass before the sactioned bout. I just would of barked at him.

Marlon please stop by MMA BOSTON EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS and check this out, see how all the members respond! Thanks bro,...good luck in the future!!!

MARLON- Well Andy I hope you like this interview and once again, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Send me a message and let me know you received this. Take care man. Peace out!

By Andy
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Defending Champ
Defending Champ

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PostSubject: Re: Marlon Sims   Fri 28 Dec 2007, 2:00 am

I would still like to see Marlon whip it on Ice Cream Cake for the hell of it!!
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Marlon Sims
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