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Undisputed Champ!
Undisputed Champ!

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PostSubject: TRA TELLIGMAN   TRA TELLIGMAN Icon_minitimeSun 23 Dec 2007, 2:03 am

Monday, July 09, 2007

Hey Tra, I do short fighter interviews for a discussion group called MMA BOSTON and I was wondering if you would participate. Here are the questions and thanks in advance.

1. First of all what is going on in your fight career right now? Fighting, Coaching?
TRA- I am recovering from a leg injury (twisted ankle). I will be ring ready by November or December. I will be coaching the Texas team for the upcoming WCL season.

2. It was rumored that you were to have a remtach with Tim Sylvia as soon as he returned from his back surgery, is this true? Your thoughts?
TRA- No one has approached me about an upcoming fight with Tim Sylvia. This is a total rumor...HOWEVER I would LOVE LOVE that fight!!!

3. How much of a influence was Ken Shamrock on you in your career? What do you think of Ken as a coach?
TRA- ???

4. The Lions Den was one of the first all around MMA schools for fighters, tell me about some of the "hazing" that happened to fighters wanting to join the Lions Den!!!
TRA- The Lions Den was VERY tough on the guys wanting to join....there was no hazing at the tryouts! There was just tough workouts to see if they had what it took to be a fighter, plain and simple. Anyone saying they were hazed were just "wannabes" looking for an excuse!!

5. Tell me about your favorite fight, win or lose there must be a fight that sticks out in your mind that you are most proud of????
TRA- My favorite fight would have to be the Vovchanchin fight. I was getting ready for a boxing match and the next thing you know I am back in MMA!!!

That is it for now Tra, I APPRECIATE THIS VERY MUCH!!! Good luck in the future.

TRA- Thanks and goodluck

By Andy
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