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 Guy Mezger

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Undisputed Champ!
Undisputed Champ!

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PostSubject: Guy Mezger   Sun 23 Dec 2007, 1:51 am

Guy Mezger
Friday, July 06, 2007

Hey Guy, I do short fighter interviews for a myspace discussion group called MMA BOSTON. Would you please answer these five questions to post for our members. Here are the questions and thank you very much in advance!!

1. First of all to what do you attribute your long and sucessful MMA career to?
GUY-- Lots of good training and living. Never got too carried away with partying or took myself too serious.

2. Tell me about the early days of the Lions Den and some of the rumored hazing practices.
GUY-- Not too much interesting to tell. Lots of training and spartan living. As for the hazing, don't believe the hype.

3. Tell me about a fight that you are most proud of.
GUY-- I think my fight with Funaki was one of my proudest moments. Everyone thought I was going to loose and I kicked his butt.

4. How great is it to be one of a few fighters to have a win over Tito Ortiz, tell me about your first fight with him?
GUY-- I am not sure if great is the term I would use; not taking away from how good Tito is. The fight was good one because I won, but not my best fight. A lot of things were wrong with that fight. Tito had a 30 second fight and lots of rest time. I had a 15 minute fight in which I broke my hand. Tito stuffed my takedown and cut me with a knee and I was pretty lucky to have a stoppage to have the cut looked at. It allowed me to re-focus and go after him. He shot in and I got him with the choke. Not the greatest fight, but the result was good for me.

5. You are now a gym owner and a instructor, besides cardio what things do you stress most in the building of a fighter?
GUY-- I have always been a gym owner and instructor long before I fought in the UFC. As for things that I stress for my athletes; well that would take a lot more writing. Lets say I think that it is important to be focussed and balanced in training and in your personal life.

That is it for now Guy, thank you very much for your time!

By Andy!
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Guy Mezger
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